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Restless Legs Syndrome - RLS

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Hi, I'm Donald Urquhart, a psychologist, and Restless Legs Syndrome, often abbreviated to RLS, was driving my wife insane. It started with just twitching in her legs, which was more an annoyance, but it developed into what people call the "Restless Legs Syndrome".

The symptoms of restless legs is not something that I need to describe to those who suffer from it, but for those of you who don't, restless legs syndrome is a condition in which the legs are involuntarily moving - jerking - and it occurs mostly at night. For this reason, people with restless legs syndrome often have trouble sleeping and also suffer from being woken up by the legs jerking and twitching.

Over time it becomes aboninable to live with, and what's worse, over time and in many of those suffering restless legs syndrome, it also evolves to cause the arms to start involuntary movement, as well as facial twitching.

This is how bad my wife, Ms. X, had become in just a few short years. It was terrible. She'd walk the floor, try hot compresses, cold compresses, massage, and nothing like this sort of home remedy worked. The sleepless nights, the unbearable discomfort, was driving her to consider suicide, talking of having her nerves cut to be paralysed and the like.

The medical prescription drugs, like the dopa ones, worked for a bit, but then failed.

Due to my association as an affiliate with an essential oil company for treating hemorrhoids, which worked by the way to get rid of external hemorrhoids, I chanced to look at some of their other products and found they had one for restless legs syndrome. I have to admit, when I saw that and what they were claiming, I thought they must be scamming, but decided to buy it myself and told my wife about it. She was skeptical, to say the least, and for a short while the healing oils went unused, just sat in the draw by the bed. In desperation she finally tried it, and found that it helped immediately, and we were amazed that by the fourth night of once daily use, that it had completely stopped the restless legs, and she even stopped the tablets she was taking last night, and to her amazement, the restless legs wasn't there. The healing oils had worked. She is still using it, this is day four tonight.

Can you believe that, medical science only provides expensive drugs to help control the symptoms, yet these organic essential oils worked far better.

So, after a result like that, I bought this domain name, and decided to affiliate for the healing oils for restless legs syndrome because it works, and I'm very impressed with the results.

Click here to buy a bottle and try for yourself, or to give to someone you know with the Restless Legs condition. Let them find the freedom my wife has, and by all means discuss with your doctor first, and avoid using if you are allergic to any of the ingredients - it is topically applied to the legs!

Restless Legs, another week of treatment

Well, another week has just passed, it's now april 8th, present. This last week has seen some mixed results. The restless legs oils has been found beneficial and useful, often providing immediate relief when applied during the day if it's troublesome, and at night time, the topical application allows many nights without having to resort to the prescription medication, and much better sleep-to-boot - sometimes getting seven hours straight, instead of very patchy sleep!

It is still early days, we have much of the bottle left to go, but it's doing a wonderful job. The limited success at the moment may be due to Ms. X having a bug at the moment.

Still, even if the best result was that it worked some nights and not others, it's still extremely worthwhile, as the constant taking of the prescription medication leads to the medication becoming less effective as the body adjusts to it. Being able to stop and start the prescription medication, means that effect is non-existant or less pronounced. There are only so many prescription medications available for restless legs, roughly three types that I and my wife's doctor are aware of, so if your body becomes too accustomed to one - well, you don't want to run out of options. Click here to buy a bottle

Restless Legs, after 3 and a bit weeks of treatment, 23-10-present

It's been a horrible time for Ms. X, her pain levels caused by fibromyalgia are through the roof, but, at this point, she hasn't taken any medication for her restless legs for nearly a whole week, and she has now stopped using this restless legs treatment as of several days ago, and it hasn't returned - the restless legs are gone, the restless arms/limbs have gone, and the facial twitching has gone. All thanks to this great product. Truely, this is unbelievable, and I have no problem in suggesting it you for you or your loved one to try.


P.S.: This fantastic product comes with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing much to lose by giving this restless legs treatment a go.

P.P.S: Think of yourself, think of your loved one. This is a real treatment option that really can work. Why let the suffering continue, when the answer is staring right at you?


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